State of Poverty



S afe Communities

T rades that work and Tax Reform

A merican History

N ew Infrastructure

D evelop state of the art schools and choice

U rban revitalization

P rotection from Illegal Immigration



Donald Trump’s 10-Point Plan For Black America – Will It Work?



The Real Democratic Values As Defined by History


V oted - Against Emancipating Slaves, Granting citizenship to Ex-Slaves, Right to Vote for All citizens; 1865-1870

A narchy – Promoting lawlessness, mobocracy, disorder, chaos, mayhem, turmoil, and NO Freedom of Speech

L yndon B. Johnson(D) 36th President– The Democratic "War on Poverty" began the collapse of Black Family

U nsafe Democratic Communities – Gangs, drugs, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, murder, etc. etc. etc.

E xtermination of Black Americans through Abortion; Established KKK and Jim Crow Laws

S upport Sanctuary Cities & illegal immigration – Displacing Black Americans; lack of jobs, businesses, opportunities



Civil Rights Leader: Illegal Immigrants Hurt The Black Community



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