Why I'm Running

Why I'm Running

The American people deserve someone who has been in their shoes and truly understands what their families are going through!

The American people, you and I, we have a choice to make. Every voter will ask themselves this: “should I vote to keep the same old politicians I have now or should I vote for someone that looks like me, that has issues like me, and that has been ignored like me?” 

How is Maxine Waters going to lecture me on life in the projects? I have been medically bankrupt and left to die on the streets. How is she going to lecture me on women’s health? I lived through a nightmare caused by a harmful IUD. 

I hate to say it, but she’s grown out of touch. I have the lived the life Maxine Waters could only imagine and I am running for Congress in the 43rd district like I’ve got nothing left to lose, because I have been through Hell and there is nothing Maxine or any other politician can put me through that I can’t take in stride. I am a disease and cancer survivor and to the people like her who let foreign companies onto American soil to poison us, I have only one thing to say:

I’m coming for you. I will not be forgotten, and I will not be intimidated. I have fought too hard, I have been through too much, and I love my country more than anything so I will fight this fight until I am physically exhausted, my voice is hoarse, and my vital signs show no more life left to drain. 

My family has owned land in Inglewood for more than forty years. That is longer than the Democrats have been pushing their “war on poverty," but with 43 million people in poverty, this war of attrition rages on, and poverty’s winning. 

For too long, politicians have talked about poverty but it’s all talk. They have done nothing to stop it, or relieve it.

In fact, they have made it worse. 

They have passed trade deals that had the obvious effect of hollowing out the factories my family used to work but also ripped the life out of our cities. 

They have allowed corporations, businesses and government establishments to get away with corruption and hidden agendas that harm every day normal citizens like you and me.

They pushed financial reform that was supposed to make it easier for minority-owned businesses to get credit but to this day, blacks own a smaller share of small businesses in our own communities.

Meanwhile, hey have allowed employers to replace us with generation after generation of immigrants working for less pay, often with no legal protections. Those are the jobs we used to do. They weren’t glamorous but they paid well enough to put food on the table and stay above water.

 My life has been dedicated to fighting this corruption and this indifference. 

Black families like mine have been a part of this country’s history for over 400 years. We made it what it is today and it is an insult of the highest order when we get passed over for scholarships, when we get pushed to the back of line and when we get ignored by politicians that, frankly, act like they want to replace us.

We will not be replaced, and we cannot afford to remain silent in the face of this mistreatment. Slavery and segregation were government-sanctioned so we are owed better treatment. We are woven into the fabric of this country’s history, that story of the elusive pursuit of racial equality and equal opportunity that unfortunately remains just a story. 

Some will admit that this work isn’t attractive, it doesn’t pay well enough, the inner-cities just aren’t where the money is. Try telling that to the struggling kids in school and the families put out on the street. 

The only way people get rich off government assistance is to scam the system, and the Democrats have been running one long, sick scam for as long as they’ve been in power. The special interests in education, immigration, and every other field and industry are too wedded to the past to pursue any actual progress for our people. 

They deny parents a chance to choose a better school for our children while walling off theirs in exclusive private schools. They fight to maintain this broken system because they are more concerned for their own livelihoods than the lives of the people they’re obligated to serve. For people like Maxine Waters, the swamp has its benefits and its charms that are too good to live without. 

It is time for her to retire, to face the people she serves, and honestly account for the lack of progress in our community. 

It is time to face the challenges that confront our nation whether the media wants to focus on them or not. 

It is time to move aggressively against the status quo and roll back the rising tide of crime and violence in our streets. 

It is time to end sanctuary for murderers, rapists, and human traffickers in our cities. 

It is time for urban renewal, a return to American immigration, and making our streets safer. 

It is time to give every citizen a reason for hope, a reason to keep fighting against the pressures bearing down on them, confident that we are fighting to bring back the American way so that it is here to say! 

Enough is enough! I know that isn’t the way America is supposed to be. This isn’t the American way. And if it’s their way, if it’s Maxine Waters’ way, then it’s up to us to hold her accountable and elect someone that will put AMERICANS FIRST and foremost. Let me repeat that, I will put Americans first! And together, we will lead by example and we will bring back the American way!

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